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ISM 2015
09.02.2015- Karin
PEZ booth
PEZ Minnie Mouse
15.01.2015- Karin
... the cult mouse
My little Pony
26.10.2014- Karin
Friendship is Magic
Treasure hunt at America's west coast
08.07.2014- Karin
Anonymous millionaire hides money on PEZ dispensers
PEZI on tour
05.05.2014- Karin
... a very special Beetle
Meet & Greet with Anna Fenninger
31.03.2014- Karin
in cooperation with HEAD
PEZ works outing
30.04.2013- Karin
Excursion to brewery Zwettler and company Sonnentor
Meet & Greet with Lizz Görgl
25.03.2013- Karin
in cooperation with HEAD
ISM 2013
31.01.2013- Karin
Booth & PEZ Ladies
The world's famous candy
23.11.2012- Karin
PEZ makes you smile!
PEZ thrills...
06.11.2012- Karin
PEZ is sponsoring young talented motocross racer
That's what winners look like!
22.10.2012- Karin
PEZ soft shooting gallery
Time to say Hello!
31.07.2012- Karin
Hi! It’s me … the new recruit!