Kate & William as PEZ dispensers


Dear Collectors,

ready to rob your piggy bank? Because we have something really special for you! We’ve created Prince William and Kate Middleton as PEZ dispensers! However – in the whole wide world there is only one single set of the happy couple in existence! And as their real life counterparts the royal PEZ-couple cares about charity: The two of them will be auctioned for a good cause. So we hope your piggy bank is well fed!

Offers can be made on the “eBay for Charity” auction platform from 7 to 17 April 2011 on www.ebay.co.uk. We’ll post the precise link and give you more information as soon as possible on facebook and twitter.

So, dear collectors and fans of the Royal Family, seize the chance to get a unique souvenir of the wedding of the year 2011! To release the suspense a bit, we are attaching a couple of pictures of the couple. Lovely, aren’t they?



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echt super idee!!
mercedes on 3. April 2011
Wunderbares Paar, tolle Idee! Aber sagt doch: welche PEZ-Sorten gibts denn dazu? Very British Minze? Oder doch eher Kate-like Himbeere? Und welcher Hilfsorganisation kommt der Erlös zu Gute? Ungeduld...Dabei kommt die Lösung aller noch nicht gestellter Fragen doch sicher mit den genaueren Informationen rechtzeitig vor Beginn der Ebay-Aktion. Stimmts?
King- and Queendom "Far Far Away" on 4. April 2011
@King- and Queendom "Far Far Away":
Freut mich, dass Dir die Idee gefällt! Stimmt - über die Hilfsorganiastion wird mehr im nächsten Posting verraten. Die Geschmacksrichtungen die's dazu gibt aber gleich an dieser Stelle: es sind vier Mint-Päckchen dabei. Also passend zum Pärchen der absolute PEZ-Klassiker!
Gerhild on 6. April 2011
Over the years, I have been an avid Pez Collector and own a huge collection including over 500 footed Pez, 150 no feet Pez, Pez display stands, Pez wall displays, Pez accessories and even a 5 piece vintage pez candy maker. Sadly, ALL of these items are now being auctioned off in the next 30-45 days on Ebay to fund a new business. I hope these all find a good home. They were all kept behind glass in a display case in a smoke-free home. For email alerts about this collection, http://lifestyleoptimizer.com/pez-auction-alert/ . There you will find a picture of the complete collection and a list of Pez currently on sale at Ebay.
Dave on 11. Juni 2012